Quick Tips for Motorcycling on Rainy Days

If you ride your motorcycle often, chances are that you’ll get caught in the rain at some point. Don’t give up precious ride time by staying indoors when the sky gets cloudy. Instead, follow a few easy tips to make sure you still ride like the wind on rainy days.

Tip #1 – Get the Right Rain Gear

It’s no fun to get caught in the rain if you don’t have the right gear. You end up cold and wet, which can ruin the good vibes. Invest in the right rain gear. It will keep you comfortable and dry so you can concentrate on having a great ride instead of how miserable you feel getting wet.

Tip #2 – Know When It’s Most Dangerous

Riding in the rain can be dangerous, but knowing when it’s the most dangerous can help you avoid an accident. It’s the first 15 minutes that are the slickest and most dangerous to bikers due to all the fuel, oil, and other fluids that are deposited on the road. When this mixes with water, it just gets slick out there. If you can, pull over for those 15 minutes. If not, take it slow in the beginning of a rainstorm.

Tip #3 – Go with a Full Face Helmet

When you’re traveling along at 55mph, those rain drops can hurt. Make sure you have a full face helmet. If you’re caught without one, make sure you protect your face with a detachable face shield or at least have a bandanna over your face to keep it protected.

Rain or shine, you always need to make sure that you and your bike are covered with good motorcycle insurance. Find out more about motorcycle coverage by contacting Runnels Insurance today.