Do You Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

Home and auto insurance coverage are valuable commodities as they protect you against unexpected accidents that can deplete your financial assets. Umbrella coverage extends your liability protection beyond the limits of your basic policy, making it even more valuable. If you’re wondering if umbrella coverage is worth the cost, consider the following:

Serious Injury on Home Property

If you’re like most people, you probably entertain often. Friends or relatives may come for a summer pool party or BBQ or your neighbor’s kids may come to play with yours in the back yard. If an accident happens that causes injury to one of your visitors, you could be liable for their medical bills or be sued for damages. Your homeowner’s liability policy is sure to cover some of these expenses, but what if the bills amount to more than your basic coverage? Having umbrella insurance could save you thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Multi-vehicle Accident

The more you drive, the greater your risk of having an accident on the road. A crowded highway, busy intersection or slippery road could result in a multi-vehicle accident that causes serious injuries to other drivers or passengers. If you’re at fault of such an accident, basic auto insurance may be insufficient to cover all medical bills or property damage costs. Umbrella insurance will help pick up the tab so you don’t go into debt.

Whether you’re a homeowner, car owner, renter or landlord, umbrella insurance can come in handy to protect you, your family, business and personal assets. Even pet owners can benefit from umbrella coverage to cover medical expenses from a bite or injury their pet has caused.

A personalized umbrella policy from Runnels Insurance will provide you with the extra liability protection you need to suit your personal situation. Umbrella insurance will keep your assets safe from any eventuality.