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Homeowners Insurance in Brandon, Florida

At Runnels Insurance Agency in Brandon, Florida, we are pleased to help you protect your largest asset with the right homeowners insurance.

Home Insurance 101

In addition to our homeowner’s packages, our insurance agency offers condominium insurance, renters insurance, and dwelling insurance.

Home Insurance FAQ’s:

How much should you insure your home?

For home insurance, let’s start by asking: what is it going to cost to rebuild your home? This value does not include the purchase amount, tax value, or mortgage balance. What would it cost a contractor to rebuild today and start from scratch? Don’t worry! We have the tools to calculate the appropriate value and make sure your home is properly insured.

How much contents coverage do you need?

Policies vary in the total coverage they give for content coverage. Most of the time, it is adequate; however, it might not be right for you. You need to determine what your possessions are worth. To do this, some people conduct a home inventory once per year. This is a great idea. If you don’t want to do this, at least film your contents. Get a good idea of what your contents are worth and, if you think they are worth more than the coverage you have, call your agent.


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