Best Ways To Avoid Accidents During Deer Season in Brandon, FL

 Deer mating season and migration season generally fall in the autumn and winter months for most of the United States. During this time collisions are increased for drivers, especially those in rural areas. You can decrease your chances of colliding with a deer, however, by following this tips.

Slow Down

You should not just slow down when in a wooded area, but you should slow down period during this time of year. Deer have been known to collide with vehicles in a variety of locations. Just because you are on the express way or in a heavily populated place, does not mean you will not meet a deer. The slower you are going the more reaction time you will have should you meet a deer.

Pay Attention at Dusk and Dawn

Deer move around the most at dusk and dawn. During these times of day you should really decrease your speed and pay attention. Deer also like to hang around the same areas. So if you have already seen deer in an area it is likely you will see them again in this same area.

Where There is One There Are More

Deer travel in herds, so if you spot one his friends are not far behind. Once you have spotted a deer, you should decrease your speed and blow your horn a few times to scare off any other deer who are getting ready to dart across the road.

Don’t Swerve

If you think you are going to hit a deer then brake hard and brace for the collision. Swerving to avoid hitting the deer almost always causes a more serious accident. Swerving can cause collisions with oncoming traffic or it can cause your vehicle to wind up off the road, colliding with a tree or worse. The impact the deer will have on your vehicle is far less than the impact of another car, a tree or a pole.

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Fun Things To Do Inside With Kids This Winter

During the winter months, it may be too cold to send the kids outside to play, even in Brandon. This means you want to know about some of the fun things for kids to do indoors.

Salt Dough

There are various recipes for salt dough that you can create. It is similar to play dough, but you can create it on your own. This allows you to choose the colors. There is a version where you can bake the final creations, allowing the kids to paint afterwards. It also ensures that you can keep the creations without them drying out and cracking.


Reading is an activity that can be a lot of fun – and you can have the kids do some quiet time reading or you can let them choose a book and read it out loud. If you run out of books throughout the winter, have them write their own.

Board Games

Board games are a necessity during the winter months. As the colder weather starts to approach, you may want to consider whether you have enough games. You can always go shopping at the toy store or even at yard sales for some new games so that the kids don’t get tired of what they already have. It may also be a good idea to encourage their creativity and have them create their own board game. Lay out pieces of poster board with markers and let them create a game with dice, trivia cards, or something else.

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