Is A Travel Trailer Covered In RV Insurance?

Your RV insurance is an agreement between you and your insurer of choice to protect your motorhome, camper, fifth wheel, travel trailer, etc. Whether your RV insurance covers your travel trailer depends on several factors, the most crucial one being the terms of your insurance policy.

Do I Need Travel Trailer Insurance?

If you live in Brandon, FL, you are not required to insure your travel trailer, as the law does not require you to insure vehicles towed on an RV, car, or truck. However, since it is a high-value asset, insuring your travel trailer is the preferred option. Most insurers provide comprehensive travel trailer insurance coverage, but you can always add collision to your policy for optimal protection.

If you add your RV or travel trailer to your auto insurance from Runnels Insurance, you will get the insurance coverage you need for a short trip or camping at a private ground. If you want to drive while pulling a travel trailer, your state will not require you to insure your RV as your auto insurance policy will provide liability coverage. This means that if your trailer causes an accident, the damages are covered by your auto insurance.

However, auto insurance only covers liability charges. For better protection, you should get a dedicated RV insurance policy to obtain both the protection of auto-insurance (comprehensive, liability, and collision coverage) and personal equipment protection (awnings, satellite dishes, etc). You, therefore, need to establish the auto insurance policy that guarantees you the most protection for your vehicle. Obtaining RV insurance from Runnels Insurance for your motorhome will provide the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your vacation. If you are looking for reliable RV insurance in Brandon, FL, visit our website today for more information on RV insurance.