Three Things You Need to Know About Umbrella Insurance

If you’re in the Brandon, FL area and looking for an overarching policy to provide additional coverage, you may benefit from umbrella insurance. At Runnels Insurance, we can work with you to find the best policy for your specific needs so you can have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with quality insurance protection. There’s no reason to settle for less when you can work with us to get all the coverage you need for long-term security.

1. Umbrella Policies Can Protect What Matters

People like umbrella coverage because it goes above and beyond your other policies. For example, if you have a claim against your vehicle policy that exceeds your coverage limits, you can use your umbrella policy to cover the rest. This is true with home, auto, and other types of insurance, including commercial policies in many cases.

2. This Coverage Isn’t Just for High-Asset Individuals

Many people mistakenly think that high-asset people are the only ones needing umbrella coverage because they potentially have much to lose. While it’s true they could have a significant risk of loss, they aren’t the only ones vulnerable to claims that can be highly devastating and take their toll on the future. Nearly everyone can benefit from umbrella coverage.

3. Your Agent Can Give You Great Options

Working with an agent at Runnels Insurance can help if you’re in the Brandon, FL area and looking for an umbrella insurance policy. We understand the importance of having enough coverage and protection and can help you make adjustments as your needs change. Contact us today, and let our agents give you the information you need to make an informed insurance decision.