How Good Credit Affects Your Auto Insurance

Many Brandon, FL residents have come to us at Runnels Insurance confused by the ways that their insurance premiums can be affected by their credit score. The truth is, your credit score can affect your insurance rates, and having a good credit score is one of the best ways to ensure that your rates don’t end up too high.

Credit Scores Will Affect Your Insurance

While it is not a national practice in all insurance companies, up to 92 percent of all auto insurance companies use credit to assess premiums. Why? The belief here is that your credit indicates a chance of insurance losses. For example, those with bad credit may not be able to afford to maintain their vehicle, leading to an increased risk of breakdowns.

How Good Credit Helps

Improving your credits helps increase your premiums by showing a decreased risk of insurance loss. Good credit showcases that you have paid your bills on time, worked hard to avoid excessive debt, and are a reliable person. Insurance companies believe that this indicates a lower chance of suffering from a serious car accident.

Improving Your Credit

The best way to keep your credit at a suitable level is to make your payments on time. Don’t skip payments, pay everything on time, and work hard to pay off everything you owe. In this way, you can create a solid credit score that will decrease your premium.

And if your identity gets stolen and your credit is affected, don’t be afraid to talk to a credit tracking company. They can help sort through the confusion and avoid this situation causing too much damage to your credit.

At Runnels Insurance, we can help you and anyone else from Brandon, FL get the help they need to get high-quality insurance at low prices. We can help walk you through the difficult credit assessment process and give you a leg up on cheaper premiums.