Putting in a New Deck for Summer? Don’t Forget to Update Your Home Insurance

Summer’s a great time to make home renovations to accommodate the growing needs of your family. As renovations may alter your insurance coverage, it’s wise to discuss home improvement plans with a Runnels Insurance agent before upgrading your Brandon, FL home. Updating your home insurance ensures you are fully covered against damage or loss. Here are a few ways in which home renovations could alter your current insurance coverage.

Increase Home Value

Major improvements such as adding a new deck or patio can increase the value of your property. This means your current policy limits may be insufficient to cover the cost of home repairs in the event of fire, wind or storm damage. Updating your policy gives you a chance to raise property damage or liability coverage limits to coincide with your home’s new value. This way you will have the protection you need in the wake of a major disaster. By adding renovations to your policy, you also protect these investments against damage or loss.

Increase or Decrease Insurance Costs

Home improvements may result in an increase or decrease in your insurance premium, depending on the contribution they make to your property. A new roof or replacement windows, for example, will increase your home’s security, which could make you eligible for a discount on insurance costs. In contrast, adding a new deck, patio or bathroom will increase property value, which could result in an increase in your premium. By planning ahead, you can configure higher insurance premiums into your monthly budget. 

If you’re considering renovating your home this summer, contact us at Runnels Insurance, Brandon, FL, to update your policy. We can help customize a homeowner’s insurance policy conducive to your family’s individual needs.