How Motorcycle Insurance Differs From Auto Insurance

If you have been driving a motorcycle for any amount of time, you know that driving a motorcycle is vastly different from driving a car. For this reason, insurance coverage of a motorcycle is also vastly different. In order to be safe and insured properly, it is important to understand these differences. 

Two Wheels Just Isn’t The Same

Driving on two wheels just is not the same as driving on four. The risk factors are increased drastically. For this reason, insurance must be different. If you have never insured a motorcycle before, be prepared to have a different rate and possibly a different policy for your motorcycle. 


There are also significant distinctions when it comes to passengers. In an automobile, it is assumed that there will be more than one passenger since the vehicle is built for multiple passengers. This is not the case with a motorcycle. With a motorcycle, it is assumed there will only be one passenger. Therefore, if you plan to have passengers ride with you, you will need to add this to your insurance policy. If you overlook this step and allow passengers to ride with you without adding passengers to your policy you could get into a lot of trouble. 

Time of Use

Motorcycle insurance also gives you the option of only paying for coverage when you will be using the bike. This is very handy for people who only use their bike during certain seasons of the year. If you do not ride all year long, then you can save money by only getting part-time coverage. 

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