Am I Covered In A Flood?

Flooding might not be as much of a concern in some states as it is in others. With a drier climate and higher elevation, flooding is rare but is far more common in coastal states like Florida. Certainly, it’s something that we need to think about in Brandon, FL. In Florida, you never know what storm season will bring, and we have environmental hazards in addition to typical plumbing concerns.

So here’s the question:

Flooding: Are You Covered?

The truth about flood insurance is that some homeowners policies will cover it, and by some, we mean "very, very few." As a general rule, your homeowner’s policy won’t protect you against a flood.

The only way to know for sure: Sit down and read your insurance policy. It’s a good idea to take the time to really read your policy front to back anyway. Insurance is a "just in case," so you need to know what your provider is prepared to handle.

Flooding might not be covered for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being that flooding is a complicated area. Flooding isn’t just the initial damages, but long term damages, as well. A flood might not do any major damage at first glance but may result in mold and deterioration over time.

If you’re not covered against a flood, you certainly do need to seek coverage. This type of protection may not be requisite in some states, but it is simply a necessity in Brandon, FL. If you’re looking to upgrade your plan to include flood damages, get in touch with Runnels Insurance and let’s see what we can do for you.