Protect Yourself With Home Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely required for you to have home insurance. Virtually all lenders today require this insurance to get a mortgage loan. If your neighborhood has an HOA, it’s likely also required by them. Even if you aren’t required to have this insurance policy, it’s essential for you to have it. When you don’t have this insurance, you face many serious financial risks that can be difficult or even impossible to pay for. When you’re buying a home and need coverage or want to change your home insurance, call us at Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL. 

Protect the Dwelling

The dwelling itself is likely your most significant investment, and it needs to be protected. When you have home insurance, it offers coverage against a wide range of events that can happen to a home. When a covered event happens to your home and causes damage, the policy can pay for the repairs that will be needed. Without home insurance, those expenses could be extremely high. 

Protect Your Possessions

Next to your home, your most significant expense has likely been all of the items in your home. Adding up the value of all of your belongings inside the house can be a considerable amount. That would make it highly difficult to replace everything if a covered event damaged them. Home issuance can pay for the ruined items to be replaced. 

Liability Protection

It would be best if you also had protection against the liability you have in case of accidents. If someone had an accident with injuries on your property, you would be responsible for paying for the medical bills and other related expenses. When you have home insurance, it covers these bills. 

Get Home Insurance

When you need home insurance in Brandon, FL, call us at Runnels Insurance.