When do You Need Specialized Insurance Coverage for Your Boat?

Although boat owners in Brandon, FL are not legally required to obtain boat insurance, investing in one is certainly a practical decision. Typical boat insurance policies cover a gamut of risks, including weather-induced damage, fire, collisions, and vandalism. They also oversee liability claims, protecting your financial interests if your boat inflicts injury or damages property.

Standard boat insurance policies, however, may be insufficient in some cases. In certain situations, specialized coverage becomes imperative for truly enjoying your boating experience.

Specialized Equipment

Do you have specialized, high-cost equipment on your boat? If so, it’s vital to ensure that your insurance policy covers such equipment. This could include boat add-ons, water sports gear, fishing equipment, or navigational tools.

Water Sports

For parasailing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding fans, procuring a policy that covers any damages or injuries you unintentionally cause is essential. However, please note that such policies often cover injuries to third parties and not the policyholder. You would need to secure relevant medical coverage to cover your medical bills following an accident.

International Cruising

While the ocean doesn’t care about boundaries, your insurance agency will likely set geographical limitations on your policy. If you intend to sail in international waters, you must obtain a policy covering those regions.

Runnels Insurance in Brandon, Florida: Your Trusted Insurance Partner

At Runnels Insurance, we take pride in offering diverse boating insurance policies for varied watercraft. Reach out to us today and explore your insurance options. Let’s work together to choose a policy that caters to your unique requirements.