How to plan a safe motorcycle trip

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There’s nothing better than hopping on your hog and feeling the wind against your face unless of course, it’s a vacation trip of several days that you can just ghost from your mundane life and go feel the road. 
But a road trip on a motorcycle takes a bit more care and planning than a car trip to make a safe and enjoyable trip.

Motorcycle checkup is a must.

Do a general checkup on your bike, it’s better to take it to a shop before you go than end up being stranded (Oil, Lights, Tires, Controls, Brake Fluids.).

Check the Weather

Leaf peeping in the North may look pretty and sound fun, but remember wet leaves on road can cause you to skid or flip. Be aware of the weather, time of year and location you plan to tour. Although you can’t choose the weather for the entire trip, try to be mindful and adapt to the bad weather.

Get a comfortable, waterproof, motorcycle riding suit.

Nothing is worse on a bike than being wet and cold. If you take a long enough trip, it’s a given you’ll end up with some bad weather than you need to endure. Not only is it miserable, it’s unsafe. When you are physically cold and wet, you lose the ability to think straight.

Attach luggage to your motorcycle.

Backpacks are great for short distances, but the long distance they wear you out. Luggage racks are a must for long trips. Create a packing list and remember “less is more”. Remember you can always buy an extra t-shirt on the road.

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