Can I get umbrella insurance for my personal needs or is it only for businesses?

You have probably heard of umbrella insurance, but most people think of it as something that businesses need to protect themselves against great losses. However, there are also umbrella policies for individuals, and those are personal umbrella policies. If you live in Brandon, FL, you might have considered getting an umbrella policy from Runnels Insurance.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

It’s easy to describe umbrella insurance because of its name. Like an umbrella, it spreads out over you and your family to protect you from outside harms. What an umbrella policy actually does is add extra coverage to your other insurance policies, like home and auto. When you have umbrella insurance, your limits go up drastically. The minimum coverage for an umbrella policy usually starts at $1 million.

What Is Covered?

Much of what is covered is the same as what is covered under your regular insurance.

  • Bodily injury — If you are in an automobile crash and you are at fault, you could be sued for all of the medical treatment, lost wages, and other expenses of the victim. Most auto insurance policies won’t go very far when the injuries are serious. When your home is included, your umbrella policy will add extra protection for situations such as when someone is injured when visiting you.
  • Property damage — The minimum coverage is usually too small to cover all the damages, and you could be stuck paying the rest out of your own pocket.
  • An umbrella policy also offers protection against some unusual kinds of claims, including slander, libel, and shock or mental anguish.

If you think you could use an umbrella policy in Brandon, FL, don’t hesitate to give us any obligation call at Runnels Insurance today.