How To Pick The Perfect Used Family Car

There are a lot of dealerships in Brandon. When you are looking for the perfect used family car, there are a lot of things to consider. Knowing how to pick is going to help you get a better value for your purchase.


Compare the various vehicles out there. It pays not to be too picky in terms of color and make/model. Focus more on the value that you’re going to get. Plenty of websites allow you to check the inventory at multiple dealerships so you can look at the age of the car, the price, and the mileage.


Have the car inspected before you buy it. The dealership may have inspected it and there may be others who can inspect it. Consider bringing it to a local mechanic shop for their input on whether the vehicle is worth the money. Any time a dealership doesn’t want you to bring it to a mechanic, be extremely worried because they may be hiding something from you.


Before you buy a used car, consider what kind of value you are getting. It’s possible to get a certified, pre-owned vehicle, which means it has already been inspected to the guidelines of the manufacturer, and comes with an extended warranty. You want relatively low miles so you can rely on the car for years to come. Three years is the magic number where the car’s not going to be too expensive, and not too old.

Ultimately, you have to be happy with your car, so do the research to ensure this happens.

Auto insurance is going to provide significant amounts of protection while you drive throughout Brandon, Florida. Call on one of our agents at Runnels Insurance can answer questions and obtain quotes to help you get affordable coverage.



Easy Spring Cleaning Tips To Follow

Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a giant hassle. In fact, if you play it out just right, you can clean your home efficiently and maybe even save a few dollars along the way with these simple easy spring cleaning tips. At Runnels Insurance, we know your time is important, so taking advantage of these tips should help you clean up your Brandon, FL home faster than ever before. 

Start Outside

The sun is out and the weather is feeling nice. Why not step outside for a bit of fresh air? You’ll need to clean the windows, but a good amount of the dirt probably accumulated on the outside of the windows. Cleaning this area of the windows first helps you see what you need to clean when you move back inside and the natural light can do wonders for your mood. 

One Cleaner Rules Them All

Switching between a half dozen different cleans not only is time consuming tracking down the right one, but it is expensive as well. If you go to the cleaning isle at the store, you’ll find dozens of options for the kitchen alone. Instead, just go with one. Check out the multi-surface cleaning products. It works well on just about anything you need to clean and is generally mild in nature. 

Change the Filter on Your Vacuum

Do you dread vacuuming your home because you have that "vacuum smell" when you are done? Nobody likes the aroma of dirt circulated through a a vacuum. When it starts to smell like this, it is time to change out the filter on your vacuum. This can instantly change the quality of air in your home. You can even toss some air fresheners designed for vacuums into the appliance. This way, not only does it clean your floors but improves the aroma of your home.