3 Tips About Auto Insurance For Teenagers

When teens reach driving age, they get excited about everything that entails their new journey as a driver. Everything except for car insurance, that is. Between learning how to drive, choosing a cool car, planning where to drive with friends once they get their permit or driver’s license, to finding a job that will cover their gas costs, teens may even forget to think about auto insurance in the first place.

However, the opposite should be the case: Runnels Insurance agents believe that auto insurance should be at the forefront of the minds of teens and their parents. Finding the right policy is not just up to the teen; a parent’s help and input are priceless in this case. Auto insurance for teens in Brandon, FL can be a tricky purchase. Here are some tips for teens and their parents to consider while shopping for that coveted first auto insurance policy.

1. Add The Teen To An Existing Family Auto Insurance Policy

While a straightforward approach to car insurance for teens may be to buy a brand new policy, parents should consider adding their kids to an existing family policy. Not only can this save money, but it can also offer the brand-new driver with a better start to their driving track record.

To accommodate this addition, parents can choose to raise their overall deductible. This allows for adequate coverage for the new driver, since teenagers are typically considered a risky demographic for insurance companies.

In addition to increasing their deductible, parents can purchase a personal liability umbrella policy. This type of addition cushions an existing policy from its own limits. This way, if the teen gets involved in an accident where the cost of damages exceeds the existing policy, the umbrella policy can kick in.

2. The Teen Should Attend Driving School

As a parent, are you planning to teach your own child how to drive?

Of course, this is certainly an option, and it may seem like you would save money by taking this route. Driving school can be costly, after all.

However, consider letting your child attend driving school anyway. The cost of driving school may lower your insurance policy payment and increase your child’s coverage. When a teen enrolls in driving school, there is a clear record of driving performance which can be shown to your insurance provider. This typically makes the teen less of a liability for the purposes of insurance.

3. Purchase A Safe Vehicle

Did you know that the type of vehicle tied to an insurance policy can affect its cost and coverage parameters?

Teens often hope to score a flashy, sporty car that looks cool and drives fast. Sports cars and small cars in general can be interpreted as a liability by an insurance provider. In fact, most brand-new cars can cause an increased insurance rate.

If you hope to keep your insurance rate reasonable, go with a safe, used car. Any car that has a good track record in the industry, has four doors, and average mileage should work well as a starter vehicle.

Are You Ready To Purchase Your Teen’s Auto Insurance?

Before the teen goes out into the world with his or her fancy new license to freedom, it’s time to invest in some protection. Runnels Insurance can help you purchase a policy that works for the entire family. Contact us today for a quote that works with your budget and provides you with the best in terms of coverage.