Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

If you are new in Brandon, FL, you might wonder why most motorcycle riders seem not to be wearing helmets. There are very many unique issues that you may notice regarding motorcycles in Florida. However, you need to understand that motorcycle law in this state is unique compared to other states. 

No Motor Cycle Insurance

In Florida, you’re not required to have motorcycle insurance, unlike other states where motorcycle laws are very similar to those of the cars. However, most riders, especially those involved in traffic violations, are required by the law to purchase bodily injury and property protection. 

Runnels Insurance recommends that despite the law giving you the freedom to stay without motorcycle insurance, purchasing it can protect you in times of unforeseen problems. There will always be something new happening to you as you ride, and you need to be protected. 

Possible Liability Cases

In case you are involved in an accident, the other party may sue you for liabilities related to body injuries, pain, suffering, disability, and lost wages. Unless you have unlimited money, covering for such liabilities should be the responsibility of your insurance company. 

Traveling Out of State

There is no doubt that you will often ride out of state. The moment you cross borders to the neighboring states, the rules regarding motorcycle insurance change, and it becomes a necessity, a failure to which you might land in jail. Having your motorcycle insurance ready will save you from trouble when you ride across the country. 

Getting the Right Motorcycle Insurance

There are very many insurance companies in Brandon, FL, all of which offer motorcycle insurance policies. However, you should contact us today at Runnels Insurance because we care for your motorcycle insurance needs and are ready to listen to your tastes and preferences.