Documents you should always have in your vehicle

To drive in Florida, you must have a driver’s license, drive a registered motor vehicle, and have auto insurance on that vehicle. If you don’t comply with any of these, you are violating the law and could be subject to fines. At Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL, we know the laws in Florida, and we are here to help our customers comply with all of the requirements. 

Insurance card

Your insurance card is proof that you have insurance coverage. When you renew or take out a new policy, the insurance company will send you a copy of your insurance card. If you lose it, you should be able to print a new one out online or call the insurance company, and they can send you a new one. It must be carried in your vehicle’s glove box at all times. Placing it in a clear plastic sleeve will protect it from damage. It should be placed with your vehicle registration. 

Vehicle registration

Cars in Florida must be registered. You can choose to register the vehicle for one year or two years. Vehicles can be registered online at the MyDMV Portal, and your registration will be mailed to you. If you can’t do it online, you can go to a local service center. Place your registration in your glove box with your insurance card. 

Drivers license 

Everyone needs a driver’s license to drive in Florida. Driver’s licenses in Florida are good for eight years. Since a license is also a picture ID used for identification, most people carry it on their person at all times. Therefore, it should be in the vehicle when you are there. 

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