Can You Insure a Lawn Mower on Home Insurance Policies?

Insurance is something that many people may have difficulty truly understanding. There are nuances, extras, and items that may not be so obvious. For those homeowners that have expensive lawnmowers or other expensive lawn equipment, having some form of insurance is a great way to feel a bit more secure. For those in the Brandon, FL area, the agents with Runnels Insurance can help you find the policy that covers all your needs.

For those that have a lawn mower or other expensive lawn equipment, it is helpful to know that these items are covered on your home policy. They are covered either on the contents of the home or the contents of the garage or other outbuildings that you have on the property. These coverages are perfect for making sure that if there is damage from a fire, from a storm, or from theft, that these high-cost items are covered so that you can repair or replace them.

If your garage catches on fire for example and your lawn mower is destroyed, you can call on your home policy to help replace or repair your lawnmower. If the fire was caused by your car you may be able to call on your auto policy. It is important to note that your lawn mower is likely going to be covered by some form of insurance that you hold but if you feel you need extra insurance, you can take out policies that are specifically for lawn mowers and other lawn equipment. For those that live in or around the Brandon, FL area, the agents with Runnels Insurance can help you get the perfect policy to make sure that all your high-cost items are covered in some way or other.