Safety Tips for Seniors Traveling by RV

One of the most popular ways for seniors residing in Brandon, FL to travel is by way of an RV. A recreational vehicle is a great way to visit the places you’ve always wanted to visit and it’s a great way to travel on a budget. Even seniors’ traveling alone has become more common, but it’s important to keep yourself safe while on the road. To ensure you have a fun and safe trip, Runnels Insurance has put together a few helpful tips for your next adventure.

RV Maintenance

Before hitting the road, it’s essential that you make sure the RV is going to be safe while you’re out and about. Be sure to have the tires inspected and routinely check the air pressure while you’re traveling, have the oil and other fluids checked and topped off, check the windshield wipers and be sure to have the brakes checked. It’s also recommended that you have all of your insurance and roadside assistance information with you at all times while traveling.

Choosing Campgrounds

Before you put the RV in drive, map out your trip, including information about each campground you will be parking in. Before making reservations at a campground, do your research to ensure the campgrounds aren’t too far off the beaten path, have access to water and power and that they can accommodate your RV.

Before leaving, make sure you give all of your trip information to a family member or friend. You should include the route you are planning to take, the name and location of each campground and when you intend to return home. Remember to verify that your insurance is order, especially roadside services.

Residents of Brandon, FL interested in insuring their RV should contact Runnels Insurance.