3 Tips to Avoid Being a Distracted Driver

Driving and navigating the roadways in Brandon, FL can be a stressful and complicated process. Even traveling the same streets on a daily basis can suddenly have surprises and obstructions, such as stopped traffic or road work, making navigation even more difficult. Because of the risks that come with driving, it is essential that you take the appropriate measures to remain focused while driving. Everyday activities that many drivers engage in while behind the wheel constitute distracted driving, which can lead to serious, even fatal accidents. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid being a distracted driver.

Do Not Drive Fatigued

Staying focused on the roadway is critical for your safety and the safety of the other drivers around you. One of the most common causes of fatal accidents is driving while fatigued. Driving while you are tired produces the same effects as driving while under the influence; you may fall asleep at the wheel, you can easily lose focus on what is around you and you will not have the alertness that is necessary when driving.

Do Not Groom While Driving

The rearview mirror in your vehicle is designed to help you see what is behind you it is not designed to be used as a bathroom mirror. You should either complete your grooming before leaving home or wait until you reach your destination-this includes shaving your face, fixing your hair and/or putting on makeup. It only takes one second of not focusing on the road to cause serious injuries to yourself and/or others on the roadway.

Silence Cell Phone While Driving

Keep your cell phone put away while you are driving. You shouldn’t ever, under any circumstances text, dial a number or video record while you are driving. If you must make a call, either pull over to a safe place or use a hands-free set to make the process safer for everyone. It is best to turn your phone off or to vibrate to avoid the distraction of answering calls while driving.

It is also important that you always keep your hands on the wheel, so do not eat or drink while driving and if you are listening to the radio, be sure to keep the sound low enough so you can hear other drivers on the roadway.

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