Winter Tips For Motorcycle Owners

Summertime is prime motorcycle-riding weather, no doubt about it. Many motorcycle owners keep their riding limited to the warmer, drier months and that’s completely fine. For some people, though, winter riding is a reality. And even if you aren’t riding all winter, it’s important that you maintain your bike and keep it in good condition during the colder months so you’re ready to go come spring.

Tips For Riding In The Winter

1. Wear Proper Winter Riding Gear

Layers are incredibly important, and so are gloves that keep your hands warm. Choose clothing that allows for movement and keeps you dry and warm. Don’t skimp, it’s about comfort and safety. Frostbite is no fun!

2.  Helmet With Fog-free Shield

Don’t take chances on visibility! 

3. Is It Time For New Tires?

Check to make sure your tires are winter-ready before it’s icy, wet and windy. Cold weather limits good traction, so always be sure your tires are in optimum shape. Avoid ice whenever possible and leave plenty of room.

4. Be Sure You Are Covered With Roadside Assistance

Motorcycle-specific towing and roadside assistance is a must, as well as adequate motorcycle insurance coverage. Accidents happen, and so do breakdowns, so don’t take any chances.

Tips For Keeping Your Bike In Good Shape During The Winter

Parking Your motorcycle for the winter? It’s important to keep it maintained so it’s ready to go when the weather clears up. Here are a few tips:

1. Change your oil. This is important because acid build-up can cause damage. Change it before you park your bike for the winter, even if you’ve done it recently.

2. Drain the carburetor.

3. Block your mufflers to keep the mice out.

4. Spray chain lube and oil other parts. Avoid rust and corrosion!

Whether you ride year-round or keep your motorcycle in the garage, it’s always important to be sure your investment is protected. If you are in the Brandon, FL or surrounding area, contact Runnels Insurance to learn more about motorcycle insurance.