How much flood insurance do I need?

If you live in Brandon, FL, you probably realize that your regular property insurance will not give you the help you need if you are the victim of a flood. When you purchased your policy at Runnels Insurance, you learned that there are some limitations and that you may need an extra policy to get the coverage you need. 

What Is Flood Insurance? 

Flood insurance is insurance that protects you when large amounts of water flood your home and it usually comes through the National Flood Insurance Program  (NFIP). Because of the geography of Florida, flood insurance is usually a requirement of a mortgage. There are many possible sources of flooding for any property in the area, such as lakes, rivers and, of course, the ocean.

The policies themselves generally cover up to  $250,000 for property and up to  $100,000 for personal possessions. The property covers the amount that it would take you to rebuild, including for your home’s foundation, HVAC system, other large appliances, carpeting, and debris removal. Personal items include clothing, furniture, curtains, small appliances, and even food.

How Can I Tell How Much Coverage To Get?

Your flood policy is meant to help you recover if there is a disaster, so you need to consider that when purchasing your policy. If you live in Florida, the chances are you will need flood coverage even if you don’t live by the water, as it covers flooding from storms. 

Investigating your options and comparing private insurance might get you a better deal and the specific coverage you need. You don’t want to be left high and dry in Brandon, FL if a flood damages your home. At Runnels Insurance, we can help you assess the value of your property and tailor your policy to you. Please call today if you have any questions.