What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Just like the name suggests, umbrella insurance is a type of policy that offers extra protection beyond your existing coverage. This, however, comes with the assumption that it will cater to all your insurance needs, a factor that could not be far from the truth. Runnels Insurance provides a comprehensive guide on the items covered under umbrella insurance, which will come in handy if you live within the Brandon, FL area.

Property Damage

If you get into an accident involving multiple vehicles or one where there is significant damage to the other person’s property, your auto cover limit is likely to run out. This will require you to find alternate sources of reimbursement. Umbrella insurance covers the excess costs arising out of such situations, helping protect you from financial distress.

Bodily Injury Harm

Accidents can also give rise to 3rd party bodily injury, resulting in expensive medical bills. Rather than pay for these costs out of your pocket, umbrella insurance will cover the medical fees and treatment costs related to such an incident. If you also get sued, umbrella insurance will take care of your liability claims. Other instances where this coverage takes care of bodily injury harm are when a visitor gets injured during a visit to your premise or when your pets cause harm to other people.

Special Liability Claims

Living a perfectly orchestrated life is unattainable, an aspect that often comes with risks such as libel and slander. If you find yourself with a lawsuit in either of these areas, umbrella insurance will help cover legal fees arising from these claims and any damages awarded.

Even with the extensive insurance options on the market, structuring policies to suit specific situations can often get tricky. Examples include malicious prosecution, false arrest, and imprisonment. Umbrella insurance takes care of expenses arising from these scenarios, ensuring you are covered at all times.

For more help on how to get umbrella insurance suited to the Brandon, FL region, consider giving Runnels Insurance a call. Our agents will help structure your coverage based on your current needs.