What does my Brandon, FL condo insurance cover?

Runnels Insurance knows that living without condo insurance is an unnecessary risk.

If you rent or own a condo, the landlord or building association likely has a policy. But these are limited, rarely offering any personal protection.

That’s why it’s critical to have a dedicated condo insurance policy. Located in Brandon, FL, Runnels Insurance can ensure you’re covered. Below, the agency lists four items that should be included in any condo insurance policy.

Interior coverage

An owner’s policy only goes so far. Usually, these plans cover the building structure only. In contrast, condo insurance protects the inside of the unit. This applies to flooring, cabinetry, walls, and any other permanent fixtures. Your plan will reimburse for needed replacements up to the policy limit. 

Protection of belongings

Keep your possessions safe too. Furniture, electronics, jewelry, and other valuables are shielded against loss or damage. Each policy will list what specific events are covered. Natural disasters, like fire and water, are typically protected. Theft and vandalism are often included too.

Liability insurance

Virtually all insurance policies will come with some form of liability protection. This kicks in if there is an accident at your residence where you are determined to be at fault. Liability could help you, your family, and other guests with medical costs, property damage, and legal fees.

Loss of use

Condo insurance is about being prepared. Even a policy can’t prevent an accident from happening. But, if you are forced to temporarily relocate, condo insurance can at least help with the expenses. This chips in for an additional hotel, meals, and travel costs that are incurred as a result.

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