Liability Coverage Protects You from Accidents You Cause

Liability coverage is an important component of renters insurance, although some policies don’t include it as standard coverage. Designed to protect you from accidents that you cause, it can protect you when you’re found responsible for a covered incident. If you don’t know whether your renters insurance policy includes liability coverage, contact us at Runnels Insurance. We’ll help you make sure you find the protection you need.

Liability Coverage Protects You from Yourself

Unlike insurance coverage that protects you against vandals and thieves, liability coverage doesn’t protect you from someone else. Instead, it protects you from yourself. When you’re held responsible, or liable, for a covered incident, your liability insurance will protect you. The specific scenarios liability coverage may provide protection or will depend on your renters insurance policy’s terms and conditions. Here are three examples that might qualify as a covered incident, depending on your policy:

  • a fire that you start and spreads throughout your apartment building
  • legal fees associated with an incident that took place in your apartment
  • damage you cause to someone’s property when you’re outside of your apartment

Our Insurance Agents Compare Liability Coverage Rates

At Runnels Insurance, we have independent insurance agents who can compare any renters insurance policy offered in Florida against others ones that are available. They’ll be happy to review your current policy’s liability coverage and rates. If there’s a renters insurance policy that provides more liability coverage for less money, they can help you switch.

To get in touch with one of our Florida-licensed independent insurance agents, call our office or, if you’d prefer, send us an email through our website. One of our agents will respond quickly and begin helping you find the best rates on renters insurance policies with liability coverage.


Car Life Extension Tips: 3 You Need To Know

It’s important that you get the life out of your car that you anticipate when you buy it. New or used, there are tips that can be used to ensure you can extend the life. Many of them are common sense, yet so many people forget about them.

Don’t Run the AC so Much

It can get very hot in Brandon, FL, especially during the summer time. However, running the AC too long is going to put extra strain on the engine because that is where the power is generated from. You can cut down on the heat by parking in the shade, using a windshield shade, and driving with the windows down.

Don’t Forget to Inflate

The temperature can change dramatically from season to season, and sometimes even day by day. This can cause tires to deflate quickly, and this means you have to make sure that you are inflating your tires on a regular basis. Check the PSI to what is recommended. More than a third of all drivers are driving with lower PSI than what they should – and it can make an impact on car life.

Stay Tuned

Your engine should be tuned on a regular basis, and this includes getting regular oil changes and having the oil filter replaced. If your engine is not tuned, it can increase fuel consumption, and cause an array of car problems down the road. Simple car maintenance can go a long way to make sure that your car lasts for many years to come.

Call us at Runnels Insurance today so we can search for quotes for you in Florida. Throughout the Brandon area, having auto insurance is imperative and we will work to find you an affordable policy to provide you with peace of mind.