What RV Insurance Is Needed if You Are Living in Your RV Full Time?

Many people choose to live in an RV full time for a number of reasons. Full-time RV insurance differs slightly from auto insurance, so you want to make sure you have the proper coverage in Brandon, FL.

Liability: If you are living in your RV full time, things that are covered under homeowners insurance also need to be covered under RV insurance. This means that you need to have a higher liability value so that if someone slips and falls inside the RV, you are covered. Ask an agent at Runnels Insurance if you are covered in camp or while parked, as well as on the road, in order to have the most amount of coverage.

Personal Property: Since your personal belongings will be in your RV and it will likely be most of what you own, look for additional property coverage options. Many standard policies will give you a certain amount of coverage, but if you have expensive equipment, such as TVs or computers, you may want to increase the value. Also, check to see if the coverage includes items attached to the RV that has been added aftermarket.

Replacement Coverage: If something were to happen to your RV, you should know what the replacement coverage is since this is more catastrophic than just losing a vehicle. Full replacement coverage is best so that you can get the RV replaced.

Towing: You will need a separate towing package to make sure that you have coverage for towing a big vehicle.

Roadside Assistance: Roadside assistance can be useful if your RV breaks down from a flat tire, battery failure, or if you get locked out. Even if you are not going to be driving your RV at all, consider this option.

Pet Injury Coverage: If you don’t have a separate pet insurance policy, then this coverage can make sense, especially if you live in the RV full time.

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