How to Stay Cooler in Your Car While Driving

When the weather is hot and humid outside, and you’re driving a vehicle, the natural tendency is stay as cool as possible while inside your car. An automobile can easily trap in heat with the sun beating down on it and when the windows are closed, at this point, it becomes an incubator. There are ways to cool off when inside your vehicle, so you can keep comfortable and cool during your drive.

To start off with, when storing your car, it’s helpful to keep your car in a cool garage area where the cooling cement and darkness maintains a less warm environment for the vehicle. If you don’t have a garage accessible for your automobile, you can pick a shaded area and crack the windows to allow for any hot air to escape and for the air to circulate. Of course, if there’s rain in the forecast, nix keeping the windows slightly ajar. Since a sunroof provides opportunity for the sun to enter and warm up the car’s interior, try keeping the cover over it to block out the sun. A portable cover for the front wind shield also acts as a barrier for the sunlight, keeping the interior cooler and preventing the seats from absorbing the sunlight and, in return, burning your bottom. Keeping your car cooler before you enter it is key to starting off your drive on a cooler foot.

Once inside the car, roll, roll, roll down all your windows both front and back and open the sun roof to allow any trapped heat and warm air to escape and reduce the temperature inside the vehicle. As you start driving, there’s nothing like a fresh man-made cross breeze that enters through the open windows to cool you off. Try keeping the interior lights off, since lights emit heat, especially if left on for long periods of time. Now, as your start your journey, it’s helpful to have a cold drink in your coffee cup holder for hydration, and a spray bottle of cool water, so you can mist your body with a fine stream of it.

There are many accessories on the market to cool the interior of your car. You can carry a portable mini fan or a hand held fan to help provide a reprieve from the warm weather. Try filling a water bottle with cold water, as well as, ice, and lay it on your lap; or keep skin wipes with a dash of peppermint oil on them in your refrigerator. When you go to use them on your car travel, they’ll be nice and cold – now that’s a great way to cool off.

Along with these portable items to cool you off, it’s a good idea to dress cooler, so forego any hats, they may protect your face from the sun, but they trap in heat that’s released from the top of your head. It’s a better choice to wear loose, light-colored clothing, which absorbs less heat than dark clothing. Besides a cooler clothing choice, opt for shoes or sandals that don’t trap the heat in your feet, but let it out.

The hot weather is a great excuse for a cold treat, so indulge in an ice pop on your drive or bring a cup of ice and keep it in your vehicle’s cup holder. As the ice melts, the cool vapors will be released into the air to help keep down the temperature of the interior.

Utilize your shopping experience to your advantage. After food shopping, any bag of cold vegetables or frozen grocery item can be temporarily placed on your lap, just don’t let them thaw out.

There’s always the good old air conditioning option. If you need it, use it, and crank it up to its coldest setting, aiming the air vents in your direction. Try putting it on the coldest temperature setting to give you some fast warm weather relief. When it’s warm outside, try some of these tips to keep you cool while in your vehicle. This way, you’re comfortable while traveling, making the experience more enjoyable. Just as important as a cool and comfortable vehicle ride in the warm weather is car insurance; and Runnels Insurance, serving the Brandon, Florida location, is here it help you cover your automobile risks,