Why Home Insurance Is Cheaper Than Not Having It

Most households maintain a budget these days. They keep a close eye on where their money goes so that they will have enough at the end of the month. In many of these households, home insurance isn’t included in the budget because they don’t have it. If your household in Brandon, FL doesn’t have home insurance, you are setting yourself up for a financial letdown.

Avoid Costly Repairs with Home Insurance

Although home insurance increases your monthly expenses, you can budget for it. However, the cost of making repairs following a hurricane or other disaster can cost you thousands of dollars. Between 2010 and 2014, the average cost for a fire, lightning, and debris removal claim was $39,791. When you compare that to the average annual cost of home insurance in Florida, $1,991, it’s easy to see that not having home insurance costs more.

Home Insurance Covers Liabilities

Another protection offered by home insurance is liabilities. If a guest visits your home and sustains an injury on your property, it’s possible you will be responsible for making them whole. Without home insurance, you must cover these costs alone. If you are fighting to maintain your budget, an injury on your property could be the budget-breaker that prevents you from providing for your family.

Home Insurance Prevents You from Replacing Personal Assets

When you experience a loss, odds are, you will experience a loss of personal property as well. Items like computers, TVs, and furniture are expensive to replace. Imagine if you had to replace all the personal belongings you own in one room. How much would it cost? What if you had to replace all of your personal belongings? Fortunately, you may not have to do that if you have home insurance.

In Brandon, FL, home insurance is a necessity. If you don’t have it, contact us to get it now by contacting us on our website. Budgets are great, but they can’t help you avoid a financial catastrophe due to repairing your home or replacing your property following a loss.