Top Ways to Take Care of Your Classic Car

When it comes to taking care of your classic car, the number one thing you can do is invest in classic car insurance antique. In addition, there are many collectible car maintenance tips that you can follow. Here's a quick look at few of those tips for taking care of your classic car in the 33511 area.

Detailing matters

At least twice a year, possibly even more often, you need to have your classic car professionally detailed. From the interior to the undercarriage, all dirt and grime need to be removed to keep your car looking and running its best.

Store your car in a garage

Always do your best to keep your classic car out of direct sunlight. Even when driving it, it's best to go out on a cloudy day.

Drain all the fluids

If you're storing your classic car for an extended period of time, then it's best to drain all the fluids, and you'll also find it beneficial to remove the battery.

Cover the car

When the car is in storage, make sure to cover it with a soft cotton cover. And if you plan on keeping the car in storage for more than a week, roll down one of the windows to ensure the interior receives good air circulation.


For more information on the many tips you can follow to take proper care of your classic car, contact one of our highly qualified insurance representatives who serve the Brandon, FL area. While discussing car care tips, make sure to ask for quotes on various classic car insurance policies. You might find that you can purchase a better policy at a more affordable rate.