Reasons Why You Should Never Cancel Motorcycle Insurance in the Winter

If you own a motorcycle in Brandon, FL, you know that the weather may get too chilly in winter to ride comfortably. For this reason, many motorcycle owners make the mistake of canceling their motorcycle insurance during the winter months. But your agent at Runnels Insurance serving Brandon, FL wants you to know that there are many reasons why you shouldn’t do that, including:

1. Protection For Your Investment

Motorcycle accidents aren’t limited to being on the road. They can happen even when your bike is parked or stored. For example, consider what would happen if a winter storm or hurricane ripped the roof off the shed where you park your bike. You’d be left with an enormous repair or replacement cost.

2. Lender Requirement

If you’re making payments on your motorcycle, the lender may require year-round insurance coverage, even if you don’t ride for several months out of the year. Canceling it could mean paying a penalty.

3. Seasonal Coverage Options

Talk to your insurance agent about possible seasonal coverage. This is an excellent alternative to cancelation, and all you need to do is click or call to get it activated again when the weather improves.

4. Unusual Weather Patterns

It’s becoming more common to experience the occasional great riding day in the winter. But you can’t take advantage of this if you’ve canceled your motorcycle insurance and aren’t able to legally take your bike out on the road. It’s much better just to be able to go out for a ride spontaneously when there’s a perfect day in the middle of winter.

At Runnels Insurance, serving Brandon, FL, you can get year-round motorcycle insurance that protects your investment and gives you peace of mind knowing that your bike is financially protected. Give us a call to learn more!