Motorcycle Insurance: Preparing For Spring

Spring is around the corner and if you are a bike enthusiast, this is the best time to get your motorcycle ready. The most important step is to renew your motorcycle insurance if it has expired. Remember, this is not an option. It is a necessity, or you’ll be on the wrong side of the law.

There are several types of motorcycle insurance coverage, but while some are mandatory, others are optional. We’ll focus on the state-mandated coverage here. The mandatory types of coverage for your bike are:

  • Personal injury protection
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury liability

Personal injury protection

This coverage pays your medical bills if you sustain injuries from a motorcycle crash. That’s if the crash is your fault or it’s a hit-and-run case. Remember, if you were knocked down by a motorist, the motorist is legally obligated to pay your medical bills.

Uninsured motorist coverage

In case you get knocked down by an uninsured motorist, this coverage will fix your motorcycle or replace it completely, depending on the condition of your bike after the accident.

Property damage liability

If you run into another road user, like a motorcyclist or a motorist, this coverage will repair the damaged property, but it must be established that the damage was your fault. Now, you’re probably wondering if this covers the treatment of the injured road users. No, this coverage does not include that, but there’s another type of coverage for that.

Bodily injury liability

This is the coverage for the bodily injury you caused any other motorcyclist, motorist, or pedestrian. You can’t be too careful. Everybody makes mistakes. You don’t want a second’s mistake wipe out your savings or plunge you into debt.

From the types of coverage outlined above, it is clear that purchasing mandatory motorcycle insurance policy will give you peace of mind. It is in your best interest. For more information on motorcycle insurance, contact Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL.


Is Boat Insurance Required for Me in Brandon, FL?

The Brandon, FL area is a great place for anyone to live that loves sun and warm weather. Additionally, there are many local waterways where you can enjoy these nice warm days. Because of this, it also continues to be a great place for someone that wants to buy a boat. If you are looking for a boat in this area, you should also spend time considering your insurance needs. There are several reasons why someone may be required to carry boat insurance. 

Local or Private Requirements

One situation when you may be required to have boat insurance is if it is a local requirement. Many private marinas and local waterways have instituted their own regulations when it comes to boat insurance. It is important to check these local regulations to see if it is required for you to carry this form of insurance. 

Lender or Lessor Requirements

Since a boat can be a very big purchase, many people choose to buy or lease their boats with financing. If this is your case, you are undoubtedly going to need to have a boat insurance policy at all times. The lenders may require that you provide evidence of your coverage on an annual basis to ensure that you are carrying the insurance necessary to protect their collateral.

When you want to buy a boat in Brandon, FL, you should make sure that you speak with an expert about your insurance needs. Runnels Insurance is a great resource that you can use to better understand all of your insurance needs and options. Runnels Insurance can work with you to determine your exact needs based on your situation and then help you get into a policy that will provide the right type and level of protection. 

Must Have Condo Insurance Protection for the Holidays

If you’re entertaining in your condo for the holidays, make sure you’re protected against the risk of holiday accidents. Condo insurance from Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL will protect the interior of your unit and your contents against theft, fire and other disasters that can derail your holiday season. Condo insurance can also protect you against liability claims should a guest get injured while visiting your condo. Here’s how condo insurance can protect your interests during the holidays.

Structural Protection

Structural coverage for your individual condo unit will protect such features as ceiling, walls, carpeting/flooring, cabinets and other built-in structures in the event of a fire, storm damage, wind damage or another disaster. If a grease fire damages walls, cabinets or flooring in your kitchen, for example, your insurance will help pay for repair costs. Holiday parties increase your risk of kitchen fires and other types of accidents. With condo insurance, you can be prepared against any eventuality.  

Contents Protection

Holiday celebrations can also lead to accidental damage to personal property.  A careless guest can spill wine on your Oriental rug or boisterous children can break expensive items that are costly to repair. Contents insurance protects your personal goods against damage or theft so you don’t have to break into your savings to cover these losses.  

Liability Protection

Alcoholic drinks are often served during holiday parties, which can increase the risk of accidents. If a guest trips and falls down the stairs due to having one too many drinks, he could sue you for damages.  Liability insurance helps pay for the medical expenses of visitors who are hurt on your property. It also covers your legal costs if a guest decides to sue for damages.

For comprehensive condo insurance coverage to protect you during the holidays, call or visit Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL today.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Insurance Policy for Your Needs

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity before you take your bike out on the highway. Insurance is important for your financial protection because accidents can be very costly. If you are in Brandon, FL, the agents at Runnels Insurance can provide the coverage you need. 

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage may be required. This covers any expenses others incur as the result of an accident with you. In addition to standard liability, if you plan to have passengers you will need to make sure they are covered as well. You may need to choose an add-on to a liability or full coverage policy to cover anyone who is riding with you.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

You should consider your needs for collision and comprehension coverage. If you have a lot of money invested in your bike or have a lien on it, this coverage is essential. It will cover any damages due to an accident, in the case of collision, or in the case of things like fire and theft with comprehensive coverage. You should also discuss the value of your motorcycle with the insurance company, and make sure that you are in agreement before you accept a policy.

Custom Parts

If your bike has custom parts, you will want to make sure they are covered as well. Custom parts can be very expensive, and not all policies will cover them. Check with your insurance provider to see if you need to provide proof of custom parts ahead of time. 

If you need motorcycle insurance in Brandon, FL, contact Runnels Insurance. Our agents will be happy to speak with you about your coverage requirements and help you choose a policy that meets your needs. 


What Brandon FL Boat Owners Know About Enjoyable Trips

Serving the Brandon, FL area, Runnels Insurance is proud to work with boat owners and those looking to make a purchase of a new watercraft.  The planning for insurance can be simple with boat ownership and the staff is able to answer any questions about the process.  Purchasing a boat can be one of the most incredible experiences and owners can appreciate a simple way of getting organized with insurance.  Those enjoying their boats in the Florida area can understand the importance of comfortable weather and the numerous opportunities for recreation. 

Planning for trips can also be a nice part of boat ownership.  Some people get more comfortable with the prep work and clean up process after working through it a few times.  Simplifying the plans for having everything organized can actually be part of the enjoyment.  Keeping the boat equipment together and ready to be used again is a simple way to get more excited about taking more trips.  When packing, it might be easier to travel lite with a planned out way of organizing everything.  This can make it much simpler to unpack and clean everything.

Boat ownership can be enjoyable with each trip as something people can appreciate.  Appropriate planning can help make sure everyone is pleased to go out and enjoy the water.  Those looking to purchase a boat can also understand easily that Brandon, FL has much to offer with areas to visit after getting their new purchase.  Opportunities for recreation are impressive and Runnels Insurance is pleased to help boat owners take care of any insurance needs.  The friendly staff is experienced working with those purchasing a new boat.  You can contact the company to get more information or visit the website for Runnels Insurance.

Safety Tips for Seniors Traveling by RV

One of the most popular ways for seniors residing in Brandon, FL to travel is by way of an RV. A recreational vehicle is a great way to visit the places you’ve always wanted to visit and it’s a great way to travel on a budget. Even seniors’ traveling alone has become more common, but it’s important to keep yourself safe while on the road. To ensure you have a fun and safe trip, Runnels Insurance has put together a few helpful tips for your next adventure.

RV Maintenance

Before hitting the road, it’s essential that you make sure the RV is going to be safe while you’re out and about. Be sure to have the tires inspected and routinely check the air pressure while you’re traveling, have the oil and other fluids checked and topped off, check the windshield wipers and be sure to have the brakes checked. It’s also recommended that you have all of your insurance and roadside assistance information with you at all times while traveling.

Choosing Campgrounds

Before you put the RV in drive, map out your trip, including information about each campground you will be parking in. Before making reservations at a campground, do your research to ensure the campgrounds aren’t too far off the beaten path, have access to water and power and that they can accommodate your RV.

Before leaving, make sure you give all of your trip information to a family member or friend. You should include the route you are planning to take, the name and location of each campground and when you intend to return home. Remember to verify that your insurance is order, especially roadside services.

Residents of Brandon, FL interested in insuring their RV should contact Runnels Insurance.

Am I Covered In A Flood?

Flooding might not be as much of a concern in some states as it is in others. With a drier climate and higher elevation, flooding is rare but is far more common in coastal states like Florida. Certainly, it’s something that we need to think about in Brandon, FL. In Florida, you never know what storm season will bring, and we have environmental hazards in addition to typical plumbing concerns.

So here’s the question:

Flooding: Are You Covered?

The truth about flood insurance is that some homeowners policies will cover it, and by some, we mean "very, very few." As a general rule, your homeowner’s policy won’t protect you against a flood.

The only way to know for sure: Sit down and read your insurance policy. It’s a good idea to take the time to really read your policy front to back anyway. Insurance is a "just in case," so you need to know what your provider is prepared to handle.

Flooding might not be covered for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being that flooding is a complicated area. Flooding isn’t just the initial damages, but long term damages, as well. A flood might not do any major damage at first glance but may result in mold and deterioration over time.

If you’re not covered against a flood, you certainly do need to seek coverage. This type of protection may not be requisite in some states, but it is simply a necessity in Brandon, FL. If you’re looking to upgrade your plan to include flood damages, get in touch with Runnels Insurance and let’s see what we can do for you.

When Should You Add Coverage To Your Home Insurance?

Life is constantly evolving. The way we use our homes is always changing, too. At Runnels Insurance, we encourage our Brandon, FL customers to regularly reevaluate their home insurance needs. Big changes to your property mean big chances that your coverage may not be enough to protect your new investments, such as:

Additions To Your Property

Are you considering adding a room to your home? How about installing a new swimming pool or deck? Finally going to build that covered parking, garage, or workshop? All of these situations call for new coverage. You don’t want to have something major cause damage or even total loss of your addition, only to find out it was not covered by your current policy. Whenever you make a major change or improvement to your property make sure you have proper insurance coverage.

Renting Out Parts Of Your Home

Leasing out an unused section of your home can be an excellent way to generate extra income. However, your current homeowner’s insurance might not cover damages caused by renters. Furthermore, if you end up leasing to a tenant who decides to sue you later your current policy may not cover legal or court fees. While Florida law does not require landlords to purchase rental-specific coverage, it’s still important to consider the "what if’s" with your insurance agent and adjusts your coverage appropriately.

Hosting Major Events

From super sweet 16th birthdays to graduation blowouts to intimate backyard weddings, our homes can play host to many of life’s special events. Unfortunately, the more people that gather at your home, the more chance there is for something to go wrong. People can accidentally get hurt or damage your personal property. Before you host a large event at your home, examine your current policy to make sure you’ll be covered if a guest gets hurt or breaks something valuable. You may want to consider increasing your coverage or opt for an umbrella policy to fill in any gaps.

Changing home insurance coverage can be confusing to do alone. Runnels Insurance extends a friendly and encouraging hand to all homeowners in Brandon, FL. Let us work together to make sure your policy fits your personal needs.

3 Tips About Auto Insurance For Teenagers

When teens reach driving age, they get excited about everything that entails their new journey as a driver. Everything except for car insurance, that is. Between learning how to drive, choosing a cool car, planning where to drive with friends once they get their permit or driver’s license, to finding a job that will cover their gas costs, teens may even forget to think about auto insurance in the first place.

However, the opposite should be the case: Runnels Insurance agents believe that auto insurance should be at the forefront of the minds of teens and their parents. Finding the right policy is not just up to the teen; a parent’s help and input are priceless in this case. Auto insurance for teens in Brandon, FL can be a tricky purchase. Here are some tips for teens and their parents to consider while shopping for that coveted first auto insurance policy.

1. Add The Teen To An Existing Family Auto Insurance Policy

While a straightforward approach to car insurance for teens may be to buy a brand new policy, parents should consider adding their kids to an existing family policy. Not only can this save money, but it can also offer the brand-new driver with a better start to their driving track record.

To accommodate this addition, parents can choose to raise their overall deductible. This allows for adequate coverage for the new driver, since teenagers are typically considered a risky demographic for insurance companies.

In addition to increasing their deductible, parents can purchase a personal liability umbrella policy. This type of addition cushions an existing policy from its own limits. This way, if the teen gets involved in an accident where the cost of damages exceeds the existing policy, the umbrella policy can kick in.

2. The Teen Should Attend Driving School

As a parent, are you planning to teach your own child how to drive?

Of course, this is certainly an option, and it may seem like you would save money by taking this route. Driving school can be costly, after all.

However, consider letting your child attend driving school anyway. The cost of driving school may lower your insurance policy payment and increase your child’s coverage. When a teen enrolls in driving school, there is a clear record of driving performance which can be shown to your insurance provider. This typically makes the teen less of a liability for the purposes of insurance.

3. Purchase A Safe Vehicle

Did you know that the type of vehicle tied to an insurance policy can affect its cost and coverage parameters?

Teens often hope to score a flashy, sporty car that looks cool and drives fast. Sports cars and small cars in general can be interpreted as a liability by an insurance provider. In fact, most brand-new cars can cause an increased insurance rate.

If you hope to keep your insurance rate reasonable, go with a safe, used car. Any car that has a good track record in the industry, has four doors, and average mileage should work well as a starter vehicle.

Are You Ready To Purchase Your Teen’s Auto Insurance?

Before the teen goes out into the world with his or her fancy new license to freedom, it’s time to invest in some protection. Runnels Insurance can help you purchase a policy that works for the entire family. Contact us today for a quote that works with your budget and provides you with the best in terms of coverage.

5 Life Insurance Myths that Could Leave You Unprotected

Life insurance myths could rob you of valuable protection for you and your family. At Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL, we can help you distinguish life insurance facts from the fiction so you can make smart life insurance choices. Here are some common myths about life insurance coverage.

Myth: Life insurance is too costly.

Life insurance isn’t “one size fits all.” Prices vary depending on the policy you choose. By discussing options with your Runnels Insurance agent, you’re sure to find a policy that gives you the protection you need at a cost you can afford.

Myth: Young, healthy adults don’t need life coverage.

Life insurance is cheaper to buy when you’re young and healthy. You never know when serious health problems will develop and lead to your early demise. If you have a family, life benefits can provide financial security for your spouse and children in the event of your untimely demise.

Myth: You can’t get life insurance if you have health issues.

You can still get life insurance with medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis if you are managing your symptoms. However, you’ll probably pay more for your policy that if you were in good health.

Myth: Singles don’t need life insurance.

You may be single now, but what about the future? Buying a life insurance policy now can provide valuable protection for when you do get married and start a family. It can also provide financial support for aging parents or young siblings if you were to suddenly pass on.

Myth: Stay-at-home parents don’t need life insurance.

Who would care for your children in the event of your untimely demise? Life insurance benefits can help pay for childcare to make it easier for your spouse to support the family after you’re gone.

To learn more about life insurance options and costs, contact Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL today.