How Home Insurance Protects You

If you own a house, you need to keep that house protected. Make sure that you always have a home insurance policy protecting your home, or you could face serious financial problems down the road. To get your home policy, give us a call now at Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL.

Protection for Your Possessions

Inside your home, you have an array of belongings that represent different price points. The sum of all of those things is generally an enormous amount of money. Furniture pieces alone can cost a lot, and you have some of them in every room. To protect yourself against your belongings being ruined, keep your home insurance policy in place. It will pay for repairs and replacements for items that are damaged or destroyed by a covered incident. This is an enormous saving for you should the worst happen to your things. 

Protection for Your House

Another important part of your home insurance policy is the coverage for the house. This coverage includes a lot of information about covered incidents that are covered by the policy. It may be a natural disaster or something else that impacts your home and leaves it needing repairs. Home repairs, especially when they are extensive, can be very difficult to afford without the help of a home policy. 

Living Elsewhere

If the worst does happen and your home is impacted by a destructive incident, your home policy will pay for you to live somewhere else until your home is repaired. This is coverage that many people don’t think about until the situation occurs, but it is important coverage to have on your home. 

Insure Your Home

Above all, make sure that your home is always well-covered by a home policy. If you need one, call us at Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL.

Preparing your home for an emergency

Florida is a great place to call home. Warm weather attracts many people to the state. The same warm weather and great location also provide a place that is prone to weather emergencies. Making sure your home is prepared makes it less stressful when an emergency arises. Having the correct amount of home insurance is also a stress reliever. At Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL, we are locally owned and operated and have been providing friendly and efficient service since 1991. 

Many emergencies that threaten Florida are weather-related.  Hurricanes are a regular yearly occurrence. If you live in an area that is likely to feel the effects of one of these storms, you need to be prepared to deal with it. Hurricane shutters can provide the level of protection that homes in Florida need or having hurricane-proof windows is never a bad idea. 

High winds often cause power outages. When the power is out, that can affect your water and sewer lines. It is imperative that you have access to clean water both for drinking and other necessities. Having at least a week’s supply of freshwater is good planning. If you need water for your toilet to flush, filling your bathtub with water when a storm is expected can be a lifesaver. 

Investing in a generator can mean the difference between sweltering in the summer heat and having a working ac unit. It can also help to preserve the food in your fridge and freezer. Making sure that you have enough fuel for a week is also important. 

If your area is prone to flooding, your family should have an evacuation plan so that the entire family knows where you will be evacuating to. You also should have your important papers in a weatherproof container, so they will be available to you if you need them. 

In Brandon, FL, Runnels Insurance is your local independent insurance agent. 

What’s Not Covered by my Home Insurance Policy?

One sure way of avoiding frustrations when filing claims is by understanding your insurance policy when purchasing coverage. At Runnels Insurance, it pains us to see our Brandon, FL clients having a bad experience just because they didn’t understand the nitty-gritty of their home insurance policy. For this reason, we have prepared a brief guide on home insurance exclusions to help you shop for riders or add-ons to boost your home insurance policy.

Your typical home insurance doesn’t protect you against:

Flood damage

While your home insurance covers you against water damage emanating from the inside (like broken pipes), it won’t protect you from overland flooding. For this reason, if you live in a flood-risk region, consider purchasing flood insurance from NFIP or private carriers to protect your home from water damage.

Water damage from sewer backup

Weak sewer lines, tree roots, and clogging can cause water damage that isn’t only an inconvenience but can become expensive to repair. Unfortunately, a typical home insurance policy doesn’t cover such damages. However, the good news is that you can purchase an endorsement to protect your home against such mishaps.


You can’t neglect maintenance for your home and then run to your insurer for repairs. For instance, the damage will likely occur to your home structure if you fail to prevent mold and pest infestations. If you try to file a claim for such damage, it’s likely to be declined.

Intentional acts

This exclusion is self-explanatory. If your insurer concludes that damage to your home was intentional, you won’t be compensated. Worse yet, you could be prosecuted for insurance fraud if found culpable. 

Government actions

If your government confiscates your belongings or reclaims your land, that’s not your insurer’s headache. 

The above list is not exhaustive. It’s a guide of what your typical home insurance doesn’t cover. For better understanding, refer to your insurance policy. Better yet, you can contact Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL, for more information on home insurance.

Do I always need to have auto insurance in Florida?

In the Brandon, FL area, it will be very important to own a vehicle as it makes it much easier to get around town and to and from work. As you are going to look for a vehicle in this area, picking an insurance plan is also important. There are a lot of reasons why you will always need to have a full auto insurance plan when you are in this part of Florida. 

Insurance is Mandatory by Law to Drive

A reason that you will need to have an auto insurance plan when you are in Florida is so you can drive legally. Drivers that are in this state need to carry liability insurance if they want to drive on a public road. This law ultimately protects all other motorists on the road as it offers assurances that someone who causes an accident can cover damages. If you don’t have coverage, you may be penalized. 

Insurance Protects Car

You also should get an auto insurance policy to ensure your car is protected. Having a full policy that has collision and comprehensive protection is helpful as it ensures you can repair or replace your vehicle if you incur a loss. Without this protection, you would need to pay for all repairs or even a full vehicle replacement with personal savings. 

People that would like to purchase a car in the Brandon, FL area should always have auto insurance. When you are in the process of picking a new insurance plan, calling  Runnels Insurance can be quite helpful. As you are looking for an insurance plan here, Runnels Insurance can help by explaining all of your options and giving the support you need to choose a plan that will give the right coverage for you and your vehicle. 

Does My Condo Insurance Cover Theft?

If you live in Brandon, FL, it is essential that you have condo insurance. It will help you to protect your personal properties that are not covered by homeowners insurance. However, Runnels Insurance has learned that there are some major questions with regard to what condo insurance covers. It is important to understand the following coverage before buying condo insurance. 

Does Condo Insurance Cover Theft?

The benefits of condo insurance are usually expounded on every occasion. Most of the aspects covered by this insurance policy are usually discussed. However, there is always a question of whether condo insurance covers against theft of properties.

Condo insurance should cover against theft of properties. Therefore, if you live in an insecure neighborhood, you should make sure that you have condo insurance. It will help you to cover against possible thefts. Clarify about theft coverage with your insurance company before signing the agreement. 

What Else is Covered by Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is not only used for covering theft issues. It is also a very reliable insurance policy in covering possible personal liabilities. If a guest is injured in your condo, and you’re deemed at fault, this insurance policy will cover associated medical expenses and legal fees.

Another important area that your condo insurance will help in covering is your personal property damages. If your appliances, furniture, and clothing are damaged, your condo insurance can help in repairs. This policy can also help when replacing is needed. 

Do You Need Condo Insurance?

As a resident of the Brandon, FL area, the chances are that your personal properties will get stolen. Without condo insurance to cover such thefts, you will have to buy new properties. At Runnels Insurance, we don’t want you to go through this experience. That is why we are ready to offer you condo insurance that will help in protecting your valuables against theft.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Just like the name suggests, umbrella insurance is a type of policy that offers extra protection beyond your existing coverage. This, however, comes with the assumption that it will cater to all your insurance needs, a factor that could not be far from the truth. Runnels Insurance provides a comprehensive guide on the items covered under umbrella insurance, which will come in handy if you live within the Brandon, FL area.

Property Damage

If you get into an accident involving multiple vehicles or one where there is significant damage to the other person’s property, your auto cover limit is likely to run out. This will require you to find alternate sources of reimbursement. Umbrella insurance covers the excess costs arising out of such situations, helping protect you from financial distress.

Bodily Injury Harm

Accidents can also give rise to 3rd party bodily injury, resulting in expensive medical bills. Rather than pay for these costs out of your pocket, umbrella insurance will cover the medical fees and treatment costs related to such an incident. If you also get sued, umbrella insurance will take care of your liability claims. Other instances where this coverage takes care of bodily injury harm are when a visitor gets injured during a visit to your premise or when your pets cause harm to other people.

Special Liability Claims

Living a perfectly orchestrated life is unattainable, an aspect that often comes with risks such as libel and slander. If you find yourself with a lawsuit in either of these areas, umbrella insurance will help cover legal fees arising from these claims and any damages awarded.

Even with the extensive insurance options on the market, structuring policies to suit specific situations can often get tricky. Examples include malicious prosecution, false arrest, and imprisonment. Umbrella insurance takes care of expenses arising from these scenarios, ensuring you are covered at all times.

For more help on how to get umbrella insurance suited to the Brandon, FL region, consider giving Runnels Insurance a call. Our agents will help structure your coverage based on your current needs.

An In-Depth Look At Condo Liability Insurance

Runnels Insurance serves the Brandon, FL community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients find the insurance coverage they need while embracing our core values of love and respect. We want to earn your trust by offering great service. We embrace our status as an independent insurance agency.

An In-Depth Look At Condo Insurance

The beautiful condos in Brandon, FL are known for their unique appearance. If you reside in one of these condos, consider the benefits of condo insurance. Condo insurance helps you protect your personal items if a disaster arises. You are covered if your personal items are stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if your personal items are damaged in a fire. Condo insurance is important because you may make the mistake of thinking that your property is covered through the owner’s policy when that is incorrect. Condo liability coverage is also very important.

When you invite guests over to your unit, you have to be aware of potential risks. Accidents can happen at any time. Someone may lose their balance by tripping over your cord or carpet. If they suffer an injury, you may be held liable. Your personal assets may be at risk during a potential liability dispute. That’s why liability coverage is important.

Liability coverage protects you if you have a pet that injures someone or vandalizes their property. If you are making dinner, and you start an accidental fire that causes damage to your neighbor’s property, liability coverage can protect you. If you are planning on hosting a party, liability coverage protects you if one of your guests causes trouble and hurts someone or their property.

Runnels Insurance Will Help You Protect What Matters Most

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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

If you are new in Brandon, FL, you might wonder why most motorcycle riders seem not to be wearing helmets. There are very many unique issues that you may notice regarding motorcycles in Florida. However, you need to understand that motorcycle law in this state is unique compared to other states. 

No Motor Cycle Insurance

In Florida, you’re not required to have motorcycle insurance, unlike other states where motorcycle laws are very similar to those of the cars. However, most riders, especially those involved in traffic violations, are required by the law to purchase bodily injury and property protection. 

Runnels Insurance recommends that despite the law giving you the freedom to stay without motorcycle insurance, purchasing it can protect you in times of unforeseen problems. There will always be something new happening to you as you ride, and you need to be protected. 

Possible Liability Cases

In case you are involved in an accident, the other party may sue you for liabilities related to body injuries, pain, suffering, disability, and lost wages. Unless you have unlimited money, covering for such liabilities should be the responsibility of your insurance company. 

Traveling Out of State

There is no doubt that you will often ride out of state. The moment you cross borders to the neighboring states, the rules regarding motorcycle insurance change, and it becomes a necessity, a failure to which you might land in jail. Having your motorcycle insurance ready will save you from trouble when you ride across the country. 

Getting the Right Motorcycle Insurance

There are very many insurance companies in Brandon, FL, all of which offer motorcycle insurance policies. However, you should contact us today at Runnels Insurance because we care for your motorcycle insurance needs and are ready to listen to your tastes and preferences.

What Does Boat Insurance Really Cover?

Living in the Brandon, FL area is a great reason to have a boat. There’s plenty of water close by, and the weather’s warm most of the year. That means a lot of opportunities to take your boat out and enjoy it. But do you have good boat insurance, and what does that policy really cover? Before you head out on the local waterways, it may be a good idea to review your insurance coverage with us at Runnels Insurance. If you haven’t changed or updated your policy in a long time, you could find that the coverage you have might not be what you want today.

That’s especially important if you’ve done a lot of work to your boat or if it’s been upgraded in some way. You want to be sure you’re protecting your assets properly, and good insurance coverage is the way to do that. Insurance for your boat will help protect it from damage or theft, and can also help to cover you if you happen to get into an accident while you’re out on the water. Even though those things are unlikely, it’s much better to be prepared so you can focus on the fun you’ll have and not the potential for problems.

Reach out to us today at Runnels Insurance and let us help you find the right boat insurance for your needs. If you’re in the Brandon, FL area, we can help. Whether you’ve had a boat for a long time or you’re new to the experience, good coverage is one of the ways to feel more secure when you’re out on the water. Then you can enjoy everything boating has to offer and put your worries aside so you can enjoy the weather, the water, and time with family and friends.

A Guide To Help Florida Residents Find The Right Condo Insurance Policy

Based in Brandon, FL, Runnels Insurance serves the community through helping residents find insurance coverage. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients find the policies they need to take care of what matters most. As an independent agency, we make sure that our clients have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Condo Insurance

If you are staying in one of the beautiful condos in the Brandon, FL community, condo insurance allows you to protect your personal items if a disaster arises. Liability coverage is also important, as you will be covered if someone visits your unit and suffers an injury. You will also be covered if your unit suffers an emergency flood and damages your neighbor’s unit.

Your personal belongings are covered if they are damaged, vandalized, or stolen. Make sure that you take inventory of your personal items so that you will have a guide to lean on if something goes wrong. Also, if you have any luxury items at your condo, you will have to amend your policy in order to cover those items if they are damaged. Consider having your luxury items appraised to help determine their true value. Comprehensive coverage will cover your personal items if they are damaged due to a fire.

Condo Insurance also covers the interior of your unit. You will be protected if the walls in your unit are damaged. If you make any renovations to the unit, you will have to amend your policy to cover the upgrades. If you plan to have a lot of guests over at your condo, consider adding umbrella coverage. Umbrella coverage will cover you if you are involved in a serious liability dispute.

Consult With Runnels Insurance

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