Must Have Condo Insurance Protection for the Holidays

If you’re entertaining in your condo for the holidays, make sure you’re protected against the risk of holiday accidents. Condo insurance from Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL will protect the interior of your unit and your contents against theft, fire and other disasters that can derail your holiday season. Condo insurance can also protect you against liability claims should a guest get injured while visiting your condo. Here’s how condo insurance can protect your interests during the holidays.

Structural Protection

Structural coverage for your individual condo unit will protect such features as ceiling, walls, carpeting/flooring, cabinets and other built-in structures in the event of a fire, storm damage, wind damage or another disaster. If a grease fire damages walls, cabinets or flooring in your kitchen, for example, your insurance will help pay for repair costs. Holiday parties increase your risk of kitchen fires and other types of accidents. With condo insurance, you can be prepared against any eventuality.  

Contents Protection

Holiday celebrations can also lead to accidental damage to personal property.  A careless guest can spill wine on your Oriental rug or boisterous children can break expensive items that are costly to repair. Contents insurance protects your personal goods against damage or theft so you don’t have to break into your savings to cover these losses.  

Liability Protection

Alcoholic drinks are often served during holiday parties, which can increase the risk of accidents. If a guest trips and falls down the stairs due to having one too many drinks, he could sue you for damages.  Liability insurance helps pay for the medical expenses of visitors who are hurt on your property. It also covers your legal costs if a guest decides to sue for damages.

For comprehensive condo insurance coverage to protect you during the holidays, call or visit Runnels Insurance in Brandon, FL today.