How To Avoid Fraudulent Claims On Auto Insurance

Whenever you are driving in Florida, there is the possibility of getting into a car accident. It may or may not be your fault, but a claim needs to be filed with your auto insurance. There are various ways to ensure that you do not file a fraudulent claim.

First, it is important to know what kind of auto insurance policy you have. When you are in Brandon, FL, you need to have liability insurance, but there may be various other types of coverage that you can have as well, such as comprehensive.

Next, you don’t want to hesitate when calling to file a claim. Most insurance companies will allow you to file the claim online or over the phone. Have as many details as possible, including the names and phone numbers of witnesses, if there were any.

Be available when an insurance claims representative calls to ask additional questions. An insurance company is not going to simply pay out on a claim without doing some kind of investigation. They want to make sure that you are not committing insurance fraud.

Only specify what happened within the car accident that you are calling about. You cannot include additional damage from your car that occurred in previous accidents. Although you may not have filed a claim about those other damages, they cannot be filed within a new claim because that is fraudulent.

Take the time to ask questions about auto insurance, particularly when you are making a claim. Never include details about a past incident, and provide as many details as possible so that you don’t submit a fraudulent claim or have a claim denied.

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