Ways To Easily Organize Your Closet

Most people love an organized closet. It makes things easier to find and it makes like easier on a daily basis because you can actually find the items you are looking for in order to complete an outfit. Unfortunately, wanting a closet to be organized and actually organizing a closet are two very different things. You can easily make a big difference in the closet, though, by using some of our helpful tips. Don’t forget to contact us at Runnels Insurance for all of your insurance needs. 

  • Get your shoes off the floor and put them on the door. You can do this by using an over the door shoe rack. This will allow you to organize your shoes on the back of the door. You will be able to find them in no time at all and you will be freeing up a lot of space on the floor for other items.
  • Use tiered hangers to free up closet rack space as well as put like clothes together. This is a space saving tip as well as an organization tip. There are a lot of different kinds of tiered hangers. You can find some specifically for pants, some for outfits, and others for blouses. Getting a few will allow you to put more clothes in the same amount of space as you did with one hanger as well as organize things together. 
  • Use shelf dividers to create more organization. Shelves are great in a closet and if you are lucky enough to have them, make the most out of them by using shelf dividers. You can create little cubby holes to put things like sweaters and purses in. By separating them, you are also creating more organization and you can keep like items together.