What Kind of Liability Coverage Do You Need for Home Insurance?

Liability coverage on a home insurance policy is used to protect you against damages associated with an accident occurring on your property. In many cases, liability insurance helps safeguard a homeowner against lawsuits resulting from an injury occurring within your home or damage to another’s personal property. Your level of coverage is accessed based on your budget and need.

Determining How Much Liability Insurance is “Enough”

Different carriers will offer several types of inclusions on liability insurance plans for homeowners. Most standard coverage will include payments toward medical bills if a visitor is injured in your home and the courts find you legally responsible for the accident. Legal fees may also be covered within the inclusions of liability insurance. Loss wages could also be reimbursed under a liability plan if the injured was out of work because of the accident. Liability insurance may help cover property damage caused by an accident, like the breaking of an expensive family heirloom. If a person dies within your home, dependent on the kind of policy you have, death benefits may be paid out under the plan.

An agent can talk to you about the minimum and maximum amounts of coverage provided through each plan. There is also typically an option to add an umbrella policy to offer additional protection beyond the maximum coverage amount. Exclusions are also important to review with an agent. For instance, a home insurance policy with liability coverage is not likely to protect the insured if an automobile caused damages.

Never get caught without having the proper amount of liability coverage to protect your home and valuables. Contact an independent insurance agent at Runnels Insurance for quotes and available policies for homeowners in Brandon, FL and surrounding areas.